Velvet marble navy

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A stunning interior fabric in velvet with structure.
The composite has a luxurious feel with short soft hair and a nice texture.
This velvet fits nicely into decor such as curtains, pillows, seat pockets and even other furniture.
These fabric fit most of the home with its luxurious feel and its incredibly fine quality.

Velvet marble navy


100% Polyester


Washing instructions 
Tvättas i 30 grader
Ironing on the back without steam.
2 dots ironing

A wonderful fabric in luxurious velvet that makes any room appear to be a bit extra.
For those who want to follow the trend of decorating a children's room with pennants and curtains, living room with lovely sofa cushions and seat cushions or why not the bedside table in the own bedroom.


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Kristina Welin asking question (1 year ago)

Undrar om ni har denim tyg, blå, till en kökssoffa tex?


Hej! Nej vi har inte något denim tyg. Rekommenderar möbeltyg till detta: Med vänlig hälsning,

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Vilken vikt har detta tyg. Faller det snyggt. Kan man ha det till typ lite mörkläggningsgardin.


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