Tera 40 - Denim 112

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Manufacturer Gutermann
  • Scandinavian design
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Perfect if you are going to sew in upholstery fabric, faux leather etc. Thicker material


400m per roll

100% Polyester

Field of application
It's good if you want to sew in garment galon markis, etc. Thicker Material

Some sewing machines have difficulty with the extra strong thread as bobbin.
But this thread is a bit smoother and should not be a problem to use as a bobbin

If you buy galley, upholstery or awning fabric and buy this product, the staff will pick out an appropriate color for your fabric. Unfortunately, the color range is very limited (20 colors).
But we pick the one closest to the color scale.

Some information about the Tera 40 from Gütermann:
Tera 40 maintains a high standard and holds up well to UV light, but Gütermann cannot give any guarantees because it is not classified as UV resistant.

Such thread is only available in industry and holds a completely different price range (more expensive) is not sold to consumers. A thread that swells needs to contain cotton.

Cotton does not meet the requirements that are currently placed on the durability of a thread for the outdoor environment, for example. chapel. Not even if it is rotten.

Today, you want a thread that can last more than 10 years in a chapel such as. In industry, no thread is used that swells with cotton because it does not meet those requirements. Instead, a film is placed on the inside of the seam to prevent water leakage.

Tera 40 passes the Goret test, which means that the wire should not absorb water.


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