Schmetz Jersey

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Manufacturer Schmetz
  • Scandinavian design
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Jersey Sewing Needles fits our knitted fabrics and other elastic materials.
This pack contains mixed sizes.

Pack of 5 Sewing Needles

Jersey Needle for Knitted and Knitted Materials

2 pcs 70 needles
2 pcs 80 needles
1 St 90 needle


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Twin needle stretch 2.5 mm 2-pack 10pcs+ In stock
Sew all thread 200m gütermann
Alltråd 200m In stock
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Åsa Ottosson asking question (5 months ago)

Jag ska sy i sweatshirttyg. Passar era jerseynålar till en gammal Husqvarna 260, den symaskin som jag har?


Hej! Har tyvärr inte koll på vilka maskiner nålarna passar till. Nålarna är platta på baksidan. Med vänlig hälsning,

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