Dots Jersey

Here you will find our wide range of spotted jersey!

According to the ancient Greeks, and many after them, the circle is the perfect form. Maybe that's why dots are so popular on decor and clothing. Dots can be both elegant and fun depending on the context in which they are used. In addition, they are timeless!

We have a wide range of spotted jersey in all the beautiful colors you can imagine. Our basic range of spotted jersey consists of colorful background with white dots. There is a jersey fabric with big dots and a jersey fabric with a little bit smaller. In addition, we have a nice jersey with black dots on the white bottom.

The spotted jersey can be combined with each other, but also with our single-colored or other patterned fabrics. Thanks to the so many colors of the spotted knitwear, they are easy and grateful to combine with other jersey fabrics.

Dots easily pave the mood and with our spotted jersey you can create real favorites for the wardrobe. Children's knitted sweaters are also perfect gifts to give away. The soft jersey fabric is stretchy and followable and fits well with bodys, caps, bibs, babyblankets, pants, sweaters and dresses. Of course, they also work great for adult clothes. The spotted knitwear will be nice tops, linen, tights, dresses, underwear and pajamas.

In our range of needles, there is a good jersey needle from Schmetz that is suitable for use in sewing of jersey fabrics. With a regular needle, you risk tearing threads in the fabric. There are also twin needle stitches in stretchy fabric that can be used to make nice sleeves on your knitwear.

Do not forget to buy ribbing, push buttons or elastic ribbons for your knitted sweaters. Be sure to order everything you need for your projects at the same time, so you can quickly get started and create.

Good luck with your sewing!

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