Woven fabrics

Here you will find our wide range of woven fabrics!

For those who love clothes with patterns, the tab of our woven fabrics is like a digital paradise. Here are romantic flowers of all kinds. Here are beautiful patterns in bright colors. But also spicy dots, as well as stripes, squares and wonderful retreat patterns. Looking for a fabric for the summer dress you have found right. This is where you should look!

Our woven fabrics will be excellent blouses, tunics, shirts, pants and dresses. A spotted fabric can be a cool dress in a rockabilly style, and a chevron-rich fabric can be a delicious 60's case. Or why not sew a really luxurious pajamas! Airy clothing in woven cotton becomes cool and beautiful summer clothes that breathe well. They are comfortable to wear and usually have a long life span.

The woven fabrics also work equally well to furnishings and they have incredible uses. Curtains, pillows, pennants, tablecloths, patchwork and necessaries are just a few suggestions. Among the woven fabrics there are also many that fit well for babysitting, or to decorate the crib and crib.

Woven cotton fabrics are one of the easiest things to sew in. It's hard to fail, so woven cotton fabrics are undoubtedly the perfect beginner piece. In addition, it has endless possibilities and uses for those who have come a bit on their way with their sewing.

There are many fun creative techniques you can work with to create texture, stretch and shape in a woven fabric. For example, you can make wrinkles on skirts, dresses and blouses, to create volume. And you can make smock to both have an interesting surface and make a stretch elastic. Both technologies look professional on a piece of clothing, but are actually quite easy to accomplish.

Welcome to look, inspire and shop off all our wonderful woven fabrics!

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