Viscose jersey

Here you will find our wide range of viscose jersey!


Viscose jersey clothing is one of the most comfortable you can wear on your skin. It is a fine-knit fabric in viscose with a little elastane, which makes the fabric very elastic and followable. Because the case is relatively heavy and the fabric at the same time is a bit slippery, it constantly strives downwards, leaving you uncomfortable with the lining and tops of the folds.

Viscose jersey is ideal for tops, linen, trousers and tights. It fits nicely and flips beautifully as you go, making it the ultimate for beautiful summer dresses and skirts.

We have viscose jersey in all designs you can imagine. The webshop is filled with lovely fabrics with flowers, animal patterns and graphic designs. In addition, we also have many beautiful single-colored fabrics.

Use a ballpoint pen with a ball point when sewing so that the needle penetrates between the threads and does not tear them off. Otherwise there may be stitches. We have a good jersey needle from Schmetz in our range that is customized for these fabrics.

Because the fabric is elastic, it is important that you do not pull it, but allow the machine to feed the fabric at its rate. Otherwise, the seam will be cheeky. Also, make sure to pinch carefully so that the upper fabric is not sliding on top of the bottom. Try the presser foot pressure on a test flap to make sure the fabric is fed up fine. If you only get the right setting, there are no problems with sewn the fabric.

The comfortable and fine features make garcose in Viscose jersey often favorite in the wardrobe. They are very color resistant and therefore are also nice year after year.

Perhaps the next project will be one that follows you for many years through life? Take a walk of all colors and patterns, so maybe you'll find something that suits you!



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