Here you will find our wide range of viscose!


Viscose was originally used to resemble the page that is more expensive to produce. It can be said to be an artificial natural product when it is chemically produced from wood cellulose. Often the cellulose comes from spruce, but it also uses other tree species and sometimes chopped cotton fibers.

The fabric has a luxurious feel and fits well for both parties and everyday life. It's comfortable to wear and it's quite heavy with a soft and nice case.

Viscose is very color-resistant and you can usually wash a garment countless times without deteriorating colors. The most boring thing is enough when you spend a lot of time on a sewage project that loses the color after the first wash. You will get it with viscose!

We have wonderful viscose fabrics, both in single color but also in a variety of beautiful patterns. There are dots, flowers, skulls and stylish graphic designs. Here is something for every taste.

The fabric is perfect for romantic summer dresses and flattering skirts and blouses. It is also nice to wear soft shawls to twist several turns around the neck. Or why not put a nice skirt over your head? 50's movie star rock never gets out of date!

Viscose becomes sensitive in wet conditions and should therefore be handled carefully when washing and drying. When the fabric becomes wet it becomes hard and stiff. Do not try to pull the fabric, because then it may break. The garment may shrink a little while washing, but it is usually possible to iron out. Please let the garment plant dry and then iron it out.

Viscose can be a little cumbersome to handle, but tighten a tight grip without pulling the machine, so the fabric will be great for sewing.

Will a wonderful viscose fabric from our nice range be the summer's favorite? Go in and see what's available and let yourself be inspired. Perhaps you will find exactly what you are looking for!



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