Here you will find our wide range of velour fabric!

Velour is a soft and cozy fabric with a short pile, usually in cotton and polyester blend. It looks like a bit of velvet, but because it is knitted, it is also elastic. The fabric was very popular in the 70's and has today been renaissance.

Velour is mainly used for clothes for both old and young. A figurative velour costume with pants and a hoodie is popular for sewing for comfortable moments on the couch. The velour is also great for bathrobes.

For children's wear the velou is extremely popular. The soft and elastic fabric is perfect for play and movement. At the same time, the velour provides protection for small knees that creep over the floor.

The velour is also popular for sewing soft animals of all kinds. There are many finished patterns for this, but it's also easy to draw your own template and sew a personal little figure. This is a fun project to do with the kids or grandchildren. A small soft toy in velour can also be a nice first gift for the newborn.

We have a wide range of solid colors in everything from bright pastel colors to dark dark colors. 

Velour clothes are often sewn with rib, so look forward to our wide range of rib fabrics and complete your order. The rib effectively clamps the wrists and wrists together. And a slightly wider stretch of elastic around the stomach of panties will make the pants stay up in the play. It may be fun to experiment with more contrast rib to get an interesting expression.

The velour is relatively simple to sew in and it's easy to get it nicely. The roughened surface allows the fabric to not slip when it is straight to the right.

Welcome to look, inspire and shop our beautiful velour!


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