Valances solid


Here you will find our wide range of single-colored valances!

We have many fine solid good quality valace curtains in our range. We have a good selection of Arvidsson's textiles, valances in the popular series Spektra.

Among the one-colored valances you will also find romantic coats at the tip.

Hangouts range from weekly bands to eyelets or channels, and colors range from grayscale to soft and beautiful color tones.

Curtains are stylish no matter how it looks around your window, but it's also a good solution when you can not have anything hanging down to the floor because of furniture and other things.
Valances can also be nice and practical to put the center of the window so that they cover the lower half.
In this way you get an effective security guard if you have windows facing a street or farm where it passes a lot of people.
Just mount the curtain rod in the middle instead, then you can easily hang up your valance.

The valance curtains under this menu are sold by the meter, and are therefore delivered unassigned at the edges. A good idea is therefore to buy a thread so that you get the right color on the seam to the hem.
Alternatively, you can buy our practical tie strap. With this, you easily iron the boot and do not have to pick up the sewingmachine - Perfect for those who for various reasons do not want or can sew.

Keep in mind that you often need a little extra valance than your window is wide, so that there will be nice wrinkles on the curtain valance.
How much extra you'll take varies depending on what kind of valance, but also depends on your own taste and taste.
Look at the specific valance recommendations, and get an idea of what might be appropriate.

Welcome to the store to shop for fine, single-colored valances!




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