Here you will find our wide range of Valances

We have a wide range of curtains, both patterned and single colored coats.
Some coats are available in ready-made sizes and other coats are sold per meter.
Curtains with folding straps give you a nice and elegant gathering
Our curtains with folding straps hang up nicely with the help of finger hooks. You can vary the width of your finger hooks to create different effects in the wrinkle. Many curtains with folding tapes also have a channel that you can thread the curtain rod straight through. In this way you can vary the suspension and fit the curtains with the vast majority of curtain bars. Curtains with eyelets are a very popular choice of curtains, eyelets on the curtain cover make the curtain fold in a smooth and tidy way. Multiband curtains are sewn with transparent multifunctional suspension straps where the features are: Wristband length - using finger hooks. Strap length - directly on the rod in the hobs. Wave suspension - using a ratchet hook / needle hook.

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