Here you will find our wide range of thread!

We have a wide range of quality thread from Gütermann in 100% polyester. The polyester thread is strong and fits in the majority of contexts.

When you buy a fabric and a thread with us, we pick the thread that best fits the color of the fabric. If you buy multiple fabrics but just one thread, enter the message box which fabric the thread should be. Similarly, if you want any other color on the thread, for example, if you want a contrasting thread.

Our overall advice from Gütermann is available in a wide range of colors, and it fits almost all fabrics and materials, such as cotton, polyester, linen, duchesse and the side. Even our overlock thread holds high quality and fits most of the time. When you buy four of these or more, you get a bargain.

For a little thicker fabric we have an extra strong thread. It fits for example for sewing in furniture fabrics and fuax leather, etc. However, some sewing machines have a bit of difficulty with this as a bobbin thread. Then it's strong, but a bit smoother, Tera 40 thread. This works in the same fabric as above and is also excellent for awning fabric.

In our range we also have a number of thread sets with the most colors and accessories. The fine thread box from Gütermann contains 42 rolls of polyester wire of 100 meters, and it's great to have as a base layer for your sewing projects.

We also have an elastic thread from Prym which is perfect for sewing smocks. When sewing smock you can wrap the elastic thread on the spool by hand. Make sure you do not pull out the thread, but keep it stretched so that it does not get loose. Sew polyester thread as a thread. Finish by tapping upper thread and bobbin thread for each seam on the outside. This is a fun and relatively easy technique that gives a nice result.

Good luck with your sewing!

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