Sport fabric


Here you will find our wide range of swimsuit fabric!


Our nice range of swimsuit fabric is an explosion of colors and motives. Leopard patterns, army, flowers and hearts are blended in lovely combinations. Why go on the beach like a gray mouse when you can shine with our swimsuit fabric?

With our swimsuit fabric you can create nice swimwear as seen. Even exercise clothes like tights, tops and linen work great to sew in the fabric. Or why not sew a nice sports bra for yourself? Gymnastics and dance clothes are also common to sew in swimsuit fabric.

Many think swimsuit fabric is an impossible fabric to sew in, but the fact is that it can be really fun. The excessive respect for the fabric is usually unjustified, although some patience and concentration may be needed to get well. Just take a good time when you are going to sew and do not stress it will be great. Reel the fabric properly before, so that the fabric does not slip. Be careful not to pull the fabric while sewing. Otherwise, the seam will be hideous. You can test a test bite first so that you know how it feels and so you can see that the seam is fine. Make sure the presser foot pressure is appropriate so that the fabric is well fed.

Use a thinner needle with ball point when sewing in swimsuit fabric. It divides the threads instead of cutting through and you do not risk the stitching. We have a good jersey needle from Schmez that works fine. Sew with elastic stitch so that the seam does not break when you wear your finished garment.

We also have nice twin needles for stretch that you can make fun with.

With a few fun workouts in one of our colorful swimsuit fabric, the workout will feel a bit more fun. Then go in and choose your favorite among our amazing swimsuit fabrics!



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