Cotton fabric solid

Here you will find our wide range of solid cotton fabrics!

Single colored cotten is an excellent fabric in 100% cotton that has a wide range of uses. It is available in many different colors, ranging from discrete tones to colorful and daring.
The fabric has a good price, without compromising on quality.


Cotton fabric is perfect for complementing patterned fabrics with, for example, patchwork applications, or when sewing a bunch of colorful pennants. But it works as well as it is, and you can do anything from ornamental pads to duvet and pillowcases. It also works well to decorate the cradle and crib or to make baby's wear.

The fabric is also perfect if you're on screen printing or like experimenting and coloring yourself. For these projects, a lot of fabric is often used. Firstly, you may need some attempts before it gets right, and maybe you need space to print reports. Then the affordable cotton fabric is perfect.

To let the kids go loose with textiles, or textile paint, on a piece of linen can be a fun pleasure to find. From the fabric pieces they can then sew their own pillows or pennants.

Cotton fabric is a fabric that is always good to have a small layer of home. Because the fabric is very affordable it is also possible to have it. It always comes in a sewing job where you need smaller or larger pieces of fabric to fill or complete another fabric. Perhaps the patterned pillowcase could not fit into three pillows as you imagined. Then it's good to be able to pick up the sheet and put as a back, so you can do twice as many pillows!

The cotton fabric is very easy to cut and sew so it's perfect as a beginner ship. Thanks to the price of the fabric, you also have the opportunity to make a mistake and do it again.

Order some pieces of cotton fabric today! Then you'll always have something to cuddle with when your breath falls on.


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