Here you will find our wide range of fabrics with sequins!

With our lovely fabrics with sequins there are many fun projects to take care of. The sequin fabric is fun, crispy and super delicious!

For those who dare to stand out, our fine fabric with sequins can be used for clothing sewing. Perhaps it will be a beautiful sparkling New Year's blow in black, gold or red? The sequin can also be nice as details. A pair of palette-clad pockets, or a stylish little hiding screen of sequin fabric can pave up a simple base piece.

Sequin fabric is also perfect for masquerade gadgets. Children have a natural need to express themselves in every possible way, and a dressing suit is usually appreciated by most. Masquerade apparel in beautiful palette fabric attracts creative games that can develop the interaction between your children.

Another fun thing may be to do a small puppet theater together with the kids. The fabrics with sequins can act as curtain, but also as clothes for the dolls. Such a project is something they are guaranteed to appreciate and may even remember nostalgia as adults.

The fabric with sequins is also perfect for theater, dance shows or figure skating dress. The shiny sequins sparkle beautifully and elegantly in the shine of the headlights.

Even as decorative details, the comics can be a fun element. Small details like pillows, or a sparkling curtain apple at Christmas time can create great effect in a room.

Our sequins are very affordable, making them perfect for play and creative creation. You can dare to experiment without worrying that the dollars are getting out of your hands.

Our fabrics with sequins should be hand washed when the palettes can not be washed by machine.

Welcome to shop for delicious sequin fabrics!

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