Here you will find our large selection of scissors!

How would you react if you found the kids in full swing cutting out paper figures with your best cloth? Panic, right? But then it does not have to be! We sell Sharpist pro, absolutely amazing scissors that can be used for both fabric and paper without being ashamed. With a pair of Sharpists scissors you will not need anything else.

The scissors are made of Japanese steel and are absolutely superb. The scissors are super sharp and cut out all the way out, making the cut to a delight. You can cut in several layers without the fabric slipping and getting oblique. The scissors also retain the sharpness year after year. We have a 25mm Sharpist pro which is perfect for clipping and an embroidery bag that fits well to cut off small threads and small details when sitting at the sewing machine. Given the sharpists' lifespan, these scissors will be the most affordable option in the long run.

We also sell a true classic stainless steel tailoring cutter with 12 centimeters cut. It is quite lightweight and has a rubber-tight handle, folding makes the scissors a stable partner when working with clipping.

For patchwork and the like, we have a good Prym rolling knife, with three different blades that cut straight, wavy and zigzag. It is perfect for cutting long even fabric strips. The roller blade can cut through several layers, which can greatly enhance the workload. To this you also need a good cutter and sharpener.

For creative decorations, we also have a very affordable tag saw in our range. In addition, we also have a package of a little cheaper scissors, which may be great if you need to shop for many scissors at once.

We have scissors and knives for every occasion. Welcome to shop for the best quality scissors!

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