Roman blinds


Here you will find our wide range of roman blinds 17th century style!


We have a nice selection of totally adorable and romantic blinds.
The curtains are of the type roll up, that is, an old-fashioned form of hardened curtain that is tied up with bands.

Many of the blinds are perfect for those who want a little rural or shabby chic interior style, but there are variants that suit most styles.
We have a variety of patterns and prints, including stripes, squares, flowers and beautiful annoying text. Here you will find everything from beautiful retreat to a more modern design.

The curtains are laid on a regular curtain rod and a tip is to wood in a round bar or a bar even in the bottom of the curtain.
It will then be easier to roll up the curtain and get the edge straight. You simply roll it up to the appropriate height and tie it around the roller to fix it in place.

Roman blinds fit as well in the home as in public premises, and they are perfect for, for example, the summer cottage.
With the roman blind curtain you have a nice curtain and a sun or sun protection in one. If you want it more private, just loosen the knots so the curtain rolls down quickly and easily.
Many of the bright blinds have a good light emitting effect and can serve as a stylish and more permanent solution for transparency.

Blinds are commonly used in kitchen windows or for example bathrooms and laundries, where there is often only a window in width, but the curtains fit to fit in all the windows of the house.
Measure your window before ordering to fit it in width. The curtain is often a bit wider than the window, but how wide it should be is another matter of taste and taste.

Are you looking for a romantic curtain that both has an aesthetic and practical function in your window? Our beautiful roman blinds can be a solution. Welcome to the store to find your favorite!





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