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In the sewing of clothes and furnishings, you often encounter points when you need to solve different types of clips, collapses, edges and the like. In our range of ribbons there are velcro straps and ribbons of various kinds, suitable for these purposes.

The Velcro is very useful when you need to open and close things easily, or if you want to pick a fabric for laundry and the like. Common uses are for bags, dog covers and buttons for jackets. Even in the case of a pocket pocket, the velcro works well. You can also use Velcro to attach a chair cover or close a pillow case. Velcro is easy to sew in and practical to use.

The handicraft ribbons are popular and nice bands inspired by the bands from our traditional Swedish costumes. The ribbons may have a practical function, a decorative, or both and. They can be nice decorations on blouses, dresses and tunics, or tie straps for aprons, shawls or bags. Another popular thing to sew of the handicraft ribbons is pacifier ribbon that ensures that the baby's nap does not fall to the ground as it gets out of the mouth.

The anorak lanyard fits well into the trousers, through the hood of a jogging shirt or as a drawstring at the waist of a jacket. Complete but any of our eyelets, so you get a nice and durable hole to your lash. The eyelets can be easily mounted with Hammers or Prym pliers. The anorak lanyard is also great for bringing baby clothes together.

With a bias tape you can make nice edges on clothes, patchwork, apron aprons and more. The tape often gives a nice retro feeling. A slit is cut on the wings over a woven fabric, making the band formable and possible to get neatly around corners and turns.

Find the extra gadgets you need for your projects among our range of lanyard, ribbons and velcroes!

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