Here you will find our wide range of ribbing!

Ribbing for clothes is a very practical and relatively easy way to get a handsome and functional finish on the garment. The ribbing effectively holds the fabric together and you do not have to step down the pants, or dip the sleeve in the food.

Children's garment with ribbing has many advantages. The clothes are soft, comfortable and practical in play. They are also easy to pull off and put on for example diapers or changing clothes without buttons and no hassles. In this way, you help the child to develop its independence.

With ribbing, you can also significantly increase the wearing time of a baby garment. With a elasticity ribbing that keeps the fabric together, it does not matter if the garment starts to use when it is a bit too big. In addition, you can make low rib that folds double and then straighten out as the child grows. Small children grow fast and it's sad if the child grows out of a garment that you take great care to do before the garment has been used properly.

Playing with colors on the ribbing is a popular and a fun way to create an creative and personal garments. A contrasting color of the mud can create great effect. Or why not have different colors on the different ribbings on the same garment. Ribbing can also be used for fun details on the garment that matches the printed fabric. Match colors or mix and let the imagination flow freely. It will usually be the best!

To get a nice and good ribbing, it's a good benchmark is to cut the rib about 25 percent narrower than the fabric. Of course you can experiment with variations according to taste and as well it depends on the model. Pull the blanket out of the fabric to sew and stretch it while sewing, and you'll get a nice ribb.

We have a wide range of all kinds of colors, as well as striped variants. Welcome and let yourself be inspired!

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