Pom Pom

Here you will find our wide range of pom pom!


We have a nice selection of totally beautiful pop poms in 100% cotton from Paapii. You know, like those yarn balls that you did in preschool! The difference is that the threads do not pull out, but they create a round, even and nice ball that clicks together.

With Pom Poms you can find all sorts of fun things. Piffa to the curtain cover with fluffy cheeky balls, or hang a row of pom poms in the curtain cup. You can also decorate the wardrobe knobs with the dangling balls or hang a row on the bedside table. An old lampshade can also revive with a bunch of pom poms dangling around the edge.

The yarn balls are also perfect for putting in hats. Only thread the thread through the top of the hat and tie a big knot on the inside, so it is clear. It can not be easier. You can vary by dragging the ball all the way into the maze, or letting the ball dangle in a longer thread. Perhaps you put a whole bunch of balls on the same hat?

They can also be a nice decoration for your mobile as you hang over the changing table. Sew some of her own characters and complete with colorful pom poms, so the baby has something stimulating to look at during the diaper changes.

Other fun things are flowers of pom pom in vase, cupcakes of pom pom in colorful shapes and animals of pom pom with funny eyes and tentacles. Just the imagination sets limits to what you can do with these fluffy decoration balls. Perhaps you already have an idea?

Pom poms are fun, shabby and ghoulish, and they have a magical ability to spice up and create a good mood. Of Pom Poms, you simply get a little extra happy and it's impossible not to be inspired.

Welcome to order your pom poms so you can get started!



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