Patterned curtains


Here you will find our large selection of patterned curtains!

Choose from a variety of patterned curtains with lovely flowers, classic squares or graphic designs. Here is something for every style and every taste, and a curtain for each room.
Looking for a really elegant curtain to the room, chances are you'll find it among our patterned curtains.
Patterned curtains are also suitable for other rooms, as well as in the office or public premises. 


Curtains with pleat tape have a sleek and elegant wrinkle as well as a nice drop. We have a variety of elegant and understated patterned curtains with pleat tape from, among other things, Svanefors and Gazebo.
There are really nice curtains of solid quality, but also lovely curtains for the slightly smaller wallet.
Our patterned curtains with pleat tape hang up nicely using curtain hooks. You can vary the width of your curtain hooks to create different effects in the wrinkle.
Curtain hooks are traditionally hung on a c-ring with rings, but it also works well to use panel hanger to hang up the hooks. 

Eyelet curtains are a very popular choice of curtains, both for aesthetic and practical reasons.
Eyelets on the curtain lengths make the curtain fold in a smooth and tidy way.
It's also a very good solution if you simply want to pull and cover the windows with the curtains.
The eyelets slide smoothly and easily along the curtain rod and the curtain can be extended to its full width.

These curtain lengths are sewn with transparent multifunctional suspension straps. 
The band has three different types of suspension:

Wristband length - with the help of finger hooks. 
Strap length - directly on the rod in the hobs. 
Wave suspension - with the use of shoulder strap / needle hook.

Many of the wrapping lengths are supplied undeveloped with a bottom seam at the bottom, so it may be a good idea to buy a thread in suitable color.
Alternatively, you can buy our smart iron-on hemming tape. With this you can easily fold up the lengths without having to sew a stitch.
All you need is an iron that you use to iron on the iron-on hemming tape.

Is it time to replace the old sun-bleached and dusty curtains? Choose and wrap among a variety of wonderful curtains in our store.

Welcome to find your favorite among all our beautiful patterned curtains!


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