Here you will find our wide range of needles!

The needles are really a and o to succeed in all sewing work. In order to do anything at all, you need the right kind of needle or needle needle for the work, but also a proper box with button pins. Many times you also need safety pins, stop pins or different special pins.

When sewing with a sewing machine, there are some basic rules. A tightly woven fabric needs a sharp tip that can penetrate the fabric without bending or breaking. An elastic knitted fabric needs a needle with a rounded tip, a so-called ball point, which penetrates between the threads. Otherwise, you risk breaking a thread and it may go stitches in the knitted fabric.

The woven fabrics are the universal needles. These are available in a variety of coats that are customized according to how thick and coarse the fabric is. Size 80 is the standard needle for sewing machine and it fits most common fabrics in cotton, linen and polyester, etc. For coarser jeans, there are special jeans needles that easily penetrate the coarse and dense fabric.

On the other hand, if you want to sew in stretchy knitted fabrics like a knitted sweater, we have a good jerseyspiece with ballpoint. For elastic sleeves, we also have good twin needles designed for stretch.

If you want to sew in leather, there is a special leather needle with a cutting tip that is effective through the leather. This also works for artificial leather and gallon, but it should not be used for textiles.

Gathering your fabrics well when sewing is a prerequisite for a good result. Too sharp between the needles will cause the fabric pieces to slide apart or the upper layer of stretchy material will not be included in the feed. The button pins also use when drawing patterns or when using the doll to drap and design more freely. We have standard standard button pins, but also fine needles with glass head that are comfortable to hold and easy to get a good grip on.

Do not cheat with the needles while sewing! It will notice the result and you will regret it. So be sure to order with you the right needles for your projects!


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