Here you will find our wide range of minky!

Minky is a super-soft fleecy fabric with a short fur-like structure and raised figures. We have it in the variant with raised dots and it is really fun to work with. Applications include feed for clothes, blankets and pillows. We have minky in everything from bright pastel colors to bright colors, as well as white, black, gray and silver.

The fabric's structure feels luxurious and unique, and the fun dots and stars give the feeling of a fluffy fantasy world. It's easy to be fond of the beautiful fleec!

Minky is perfect for all sorts of projects for the very least. It can be used to make nice baby toys and pillows or soft beautiful teddy bear. A nice teddy bear in minky can be a gift that comes with the child for many years.

Due to its soft properties, the fabric is also popular for use as a backing for quilts and similar projects.

The fabric is elastic, so be careful not to pull it when you cut or sew. Pins tightly so that the upper layer follows the lower when the fabric is fed. If you have an overfeeder, it can make it easier. If you do not have an overloader and sew together dimple minmer with a fabric that is not elastic, it's good to put the dimple down downwards to get the fabric evenly fed.

Minky do not shrink during laundry, so you should sew them together with cotton cloth, which often shrinks, so wash the cotton fabric first. Otherwise, minky will be big and cordial.

Sewing projects in minky are guaranteed appreciated gifts for both children and adults. The soft fabric is completely impossible not to be fond of.

Welcome to shop and succeed with your sewing in minky!

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