Micro fleece

Here you will find our wide range of micro fleece!

Micro fleece is a thin and very flexible form of fleece used for everything from feeding garments to whole garments. It has the same practical qualities as other fleece and is therefore soft and warm, as well as removes moisture from the skin during use. Micro fleece is a very lightweight material.

Micro fleece is used for spring and autumn jackets, as well as coatings. It is often carried as an intermediate layer, folding makes it easy to adjust the clothes after changing weather. The warm and moisture-transporting properties make the micro fleec ideal for sportswear for a bit colder climate.

The fabric is perfect for warm feeding to jackets and caps, as well as other clothes. Together with our fine beater, it will be perfect for warm children's toys.

Like our regular fleece, the micro fleece works great as feeding to the dog and horse cover. Use our beater silencer to get a good wind and water repellent and warm cover for cooler days.

Because micro fleece is elastic, it's important not to pull the fabric when you cut or sew. Wrap it flat when cutting and using overfeeder if you have. If not, make sure that the needle is tight so that the upper layer follows the bottom of the feed. If you sew it together with a dumb and non-elastic fabric, put the micro fleec down. This will help the feeder pull the elastic fabric out of the box.

Micro fleece is easy to wash and dries quickly, but does not tolerate drying.

In our nano-softshell there is micro fleece as an inner layer inside the wind and water repellent softshell. Here you have a well-finished fabric that has many uses. This fabric is perfect for sportswear, jackets, dog covers and much more.

Good luck with your sewing in micro fleece!


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