Linen curtains

A linen curtain that flutters for the summer wind is one of the freshest there is. In fact, a linen curtain is as nice in summer as in winter. Find beautiful linen curtains in different colors here at Pinkhousefabrics and extend the beautiful season all year round.

Coarse or fine linen?

What do you like best - coarser linen fabric or a thinner variant? Really thin linen curtains are nice in spring and summer because they are sheer and allow more light. They can also look good for double-hung curtains where one pair is made of coarse linen in another shade and where the barrels can be a nice complement.

Airy and timeless

Regardless of the color of your linen curtain, it always gives an airy and timeless impression in any home. Linen is a fabric that welcomes light even if the color of the curtain goes in the darker direction.
To give extra life to your linen curtains, you can do the following.

 Tie the curtain with the curtain holder in another linen fabric in a different color.

Choose a patterned linen curtain and mix it with white or gray linen curtains.

 Invest in elevator curtains made of linen that are tied up and look good in the kitchen or in the children's room.

Let your beige linen curtains drag a little in the ground for a really rustic impression - preferably in a rustic interior otherwise.

Linen curtains in all colors

Many people are perhaps most used to white linen curtains, but a gray linen curtain, a beige linen curtain and linen curtains in pastel or darker colors are at least as nice. Try gray linen curtains in a bright room to tone down and highlight, or hang up a pair of really colorful linen curtains in orange, rust brown or navy blue to add a classic touch to the room.
Linen is a natural material and gentle on sensitive children.

Here at Pinkhousefabrics you can find and botanize among linen curtains in all conceivable colors and patterns.

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