Here you will find our wide range of jersey fabrics!


We have a large and highly appreciated range of knitted fabrics. This is the dream for you who sew children's clothes, which today has become extremely popular. But the stretchy features of the knitted fabric also work well for the sewing of lingerie, linen, tops, tights and summer dresses for all ages.

Small caps, swirls and baby blankets are quick and easy to do and are popular gifts to both get and give away to the newborn. Other popular children's clothes to sew in knitwear are bodys, pants, sweaters and dresses. When sewing of children's clothes, the opportunity to be creative is endless.

We have patterned, single-colored, spotted and striped knitted fabrics and knitted fabrics with clouds and stars. In addition, we have nice sleeves in both single and striped. In each category there is a wide variety and many variants to choose from. Here you will find all the possibilities to be creative and match different colors and patterns.

We also have colorful and delicious digital-printed fabrics with many of the children's favorites from television. For example, check out our nice Minion or Frost fabrics. These are guaranteed to go home with the little ones!

We adore the smallest and therefore have a wide range of organic knitted jersey from quality brands like Paapii, Lillestoff and Nosh.

Sewing in knitted fabrics is made with elastic stitching so that the seam does not break when the garment is taken. An overlock machine gives proffesional and nice edges, but a regular sewing machine with elastic seam setting works well with it. Use our jerseys to avoid risking the meshes running.

Whether you want to sew in knitwear for yourself or a child, chances are you will find what you are looking for among our knitted fabrics. A warning is issued when botanicals among our fabrics tend to become addicted!

Welcome and let yourself be inspired by a world of colors, patterns and prints!

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