Here you will find our wide range of eyelets!

Working with eyelets on clothes and furnishings is fun and often gives a professional and nice result. Our earrings come from Prym and are available in gold, silver and black in different sizes between 4-14 mm.

In dressing seams, the earrings can be used as decorations, or in pockets for pulling shoes on jogging pants, hoodies, jackets, singler boots and much more. By putting eyelets along the top of a bag or bag and lining a twist through the loops, you get a nice closing. This fits well when the fabric is too thick to make a channel, but it also has a decorative feature.

Eyelets can also be used for laces, for example, to pull back the back of a chair cover. Or as decoration on pillows and pillows. By having an undershirt to the pillow with a contrasting color that shines through the hole, you can have nice and interesting effects.

Eyelets are also used for skins. For aesthetic reasons, but also then it is often a simple solution for the thick skin. A leather bracelet with eyelets is a fun and quite simple project that you can do with the kids. This works well with even fuzzy skins and gallons, as we sell here in the online store.

With the eyelets, it comes with tools that will be used to mount them on fabric and leather. Either use the tools and hit the eyelets with a hammer, or put the tools in Pryms pliers, which can be purchased under the category pushbuttons & accessories. A third option that fits well when mounting eyelets in the middle of a fabric, which you do not use with tools and pliers, is to use Pryms Tripod. Also, it can be purchased under the category pushbuttons & accessories 

Welcome to shopping delicious eyelets for your projects and good luck with the installation!

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