Elastic tape

Here you will find our wide range of elastic tape!

In sewing, you often encounter the moments where you are in need of elastic tape. Elastic tape are used to hold up pants and underwear, to wrinkle blouses and to tension the childrens boots around the boots. We have a variety of different types of Prym tapes that are adapted for different purposes.

The underwear elastic is a soft and still elastic that is available in many different colors and is sold by the meter. It fits well with lingerie, tights, long sleeves and skirts where you want a nice visible elastic.

With a so-called y-reel, you can put in thin fabrics between two tabs in the elastic edges and sew so that it will be a nice transition from elastic to fabric. This also fits well with lingerie, tights, long sleeves and skirts.

The elastic trimming tape allow you to fold over fabrics and make nice edges on clothes and more. It is perfect for necklaces, sleeves and the like. It is available in many fine colors.

The elastic fancy lace is a thin elastic with a decorative edge. It also fits well to make edges along the neckline and cuffs. It is also a classic elastic for underwear.

Buttonhole elastic are perfect when you want to vary the size, for example, in the pants of the pants. It also works well for the vests on the children's outerwear. It ensures that the pants do not crate up and prevent the children from getting wet and cold.

Familon tape is a transparent elastic that is used to shape and strengthen neckholes, leg cuffs, shoulder straps and the like.

Elastics can be pulled in channels as you sew in the garment, or sew it to the fabric. The later is done, for example, when you want to utilize the elastic as a decorative detail. Do not forget to sew with a elastic stitch when sewing in elastic tapes so that the seam does not break when you wear the garment. Choose an elastic stitch on your regular machine, or sew with an overlock machine, but make sure the knife is not cut in the elastic.

Good luck with your sewing in your elastic tapes!

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