Here you will find our wide range of cushion covers!


Soft and fluffy pillows create a nice and homely feel in your home. An inviting couch filled with pillows is hard for anyone to resist!

In addition, pillows can easily be replaced when you want a little change in the interior.

We have a wide range of pillows and pillow cases in our range, both stylish and color-colored and beautifully patterned. Here there is always something for all styles and tastes.
For many of our pillows and pillow cases there are matching fabrics and curtains in the same fabrics to match. It provides the opportunity to create a uniform and stylish interior for anyone who wants to.
But we also have unique pillows and pillow cases that you can match with our other product range in a personal and creative way.

From Arvidsson's textile, we have a wide range of top quality cushion covers, worn out in fabrics from many of the current fabric collections.
There are, among other things, pillow cases for the very popular fabric Leksand, with valley horses, and other beautiful beautiful patterns with nature, animals and city as the theme.

For those who like monochrome, we have a variety of color choices in the stylish Milo series. These can be matched with both furniture, furniture and finished curtains in the same design.
Or why not match single color with any of our patterned products? Mix and match completely to your liking and taste, then it will always be the best.

Also take a look at the delicious Van Asch cushion cover case! There is something for you who goes under the slogan & rdquo; more is more & rdquo;.

Whether you want to fill the entire bed with pillows, or carefully put out unique pillows in selected places, we have the pillows for you.

Welcome to watch and shop off all our lovely pillows and pillow cases!

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