Craft Fur


Here you will find our wide range of craft furs!


We have several different types of craft furs, suitable for a variety of uses. There are craft furs with different structures and a variety of fine colors.


The beautiful craftfur  Bobby is found in everything from black, white and gray to wonderfully neat neon colors. Anyone who walks past this fur in the store can not help but get along. It's perfect for the masked clothes, but it can also be a nice soft animal or pillow. Or why not decorate an epic in a beautiful pale green fluff?

Sewing in craft fur is incredibly fun and gives cool results, although sometimes the patches of the thick layers may require some patience. Just relieve the presser foot pressure a bit, it usually works fine. Test yourself on a test bite to find the right mode.

If you are wearing pillows or needles, it's extra important to cut out excess fabric in the corners before turning it so that it does not get messy. A layer of plain fabric and a layer of craft fur will also be much smoother than two layers of fur.

If the coat has a long pile, try combing the coat slightly inwards before sewing so that loops of the fur are not formed in the seams. This also applies when you cut it out.

His lovely steering sleeves, nice cover to the bike saddle or fun clown puppies of our nice hobbies fur. Only the imagination sets limits for what you can do with these fabrics.

We have everything for the sewing of fluffy goose animals, cool masked clothes and stylish pillows. Perhaps you have someone to surprise with a nice and personal gift? Welcome in and look at our great range of craft fur.





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