Children's Patterns

Here you will find our wide range of children's patterns!

Sewing for children is very popular and very fun. Within this area, there are incredibly many creative and fun projects to take care of, both for the novice and the vane seeker.

The time before a child's arrival is usually characterized by a lot of fixation and dangling around the children's room and all around. You usually talk about nesting that is, building a living in preparation for the expectant child. Some paint and others decorate, while the creative sewing, sewing and sewing!

Regular projects are to dress the crib or cradle, and we have many nice children's clothes for this purpose. Another fun decoration for the children's room is to sew pennants in mixed colors and patterns, hung in long rows of walls and bedstools. Over the changing table, a nice mobile, with small figures sewn with fabrics in beautiful colors, can be a good stimulus for the child. It is also common to sew diaper envelopes and purses. An changing bag that can be folded up and become a portable footbed is a fun project with a practical function.

A very popular project is to sew a "babynest" that is, a small living room where the baby can lie and feel confidently surrounded by soft walls. Here it is common to mix different patterns like flowers, dots, stars, clouds and other children's patterns. We also sell a good anorak invite, wad and sneak for this purpose.

Even as the children grow, new suitable projects will come along the way. Baby blue and needles are replaced with a suitable interior for the older child. Often the children want to be in this position and decide. Then take the opportunity to make the children involved and let the new interior be a joint project. For example, a pillow can be a good first sewing project for an interested child.

Our Disneymotives are very popular with children who can help and decide, but there is also much else for both the older child and the teenager.

Good luck with your sewing to your children´s room!

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