Children's knitwear is one of our most popular fabrics for sewing to children.
Children's knitwear is available in a wide patterned range where the children can choose their favorite, choose everything between vehicles, princesses, kittens, jungle animals, unicorns or sports activities. There is always a new pattern coming up and we constantly update the stock.

With our patterned children's knitwear, you can sew wonderful children's clothes such as bodys, jumpsuits, pants, sweaters, or why not sew a soft and comfortable baby blanket with minky on one side and patterned baby knitwear on the other side. It has also become popular to sew your own personal hats with the children's favorite patterns and these are great for feeding with our microfleece when the cold creeps on.

Please match our patterned children's sweaters with solid organic knitwear, dots or why not a striped knitwear, so you get a more effective and personal item for the very least.
If you need inspiration, we have a large selection of Ottobre fashion magazines with a lot of child patterns from size 50 up to 170. Each child's number contains over 40 trendy models as well as full designs and job descriptions.

Please take a look at our rib and complete your order. They are available in different colors as well as stripes and can be matched well with our patterned fabrics. If you are going to sew baby clothes, ribbing is almost a must. They are practical, soft and comfortable for clothes for childrens play.
Take a look among the accessories, maybe the sewing needle is bad and you need to get yourself a new stretch needle for stretchy fabrics, or pushbuttons like colornaps in different colors, elastic ribbons or pom poms to the cap

Many of our patterned knitted sweaters are also organic, which is much sought for sewing to the very least.

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